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Katya Medushkina
In 2020, we teamed up with Vexor Trade to create an online school for healthy lifestyles and professional development. With our extensive experience in IT support for online education, we know how to simplify the course creation process without sacrificing complexity and functionality.
Altermeliora is an IT company that develops services for online education
Our goal is to combine our services and enter the global EdTech market with a new online education platform that caters to a wide range of users. Our platform will enable anyone to launch their own course in just 10 minutes and start sharing their expertise through a personal online school
We create and implement solutions that simplify access to knowledge. This is our mission.
The GoSlim project is a software product designed to help clients of the GoSlim Healthy Weight Loss Online Academy lead a healthy lifestyle.
This product provides convenient access to online training materials, menus, and recipes, as well as feedback from weight loss project curators.
The twenty-three
The Payform project is a payment system aggregator and management platform that enables businesses to accept payments from different countries and using various methods, such as one-time payments, subscriptions, and installment plans. Its convenient role-based model makes it useful for both sellers and accountants.
The ongoing project we are developing is a platform for creating and selling courses in various subjects and topics. We are not just building a user-friendly course builder, we are offering the opportunity to establish an online school with the capability to construct marketing funnels for customer acquisition
Additionally, we provide tools to guide the school's students to success. A distinguishing feature of the school is its integrated community, which fosters student engagement.
Course author's account
For platform users, a personal account has been developed for taking courses with a variety of features to track their progress during learning and a loyalty system.
Student account
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The team
  • Maksim Medushkin
  • Alex Gelchinsky
  • Vladimir Loskutov
    Team Lead
  • Liya Akmadieva
    Product Manager
  • Aslan Orlov
  • Nikita Ermilov
    Developer, DevOps
  • Alexey Dmitriev
  • Alex Chikurov
    QA Engineer
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